The floating islands of the theatre

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The floating islands of the theatre

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→The constellations of the nameless – The floating islands of the theatre withEugenio Barba, Julia Varley and the representatives of the Itinerant Centres of Fondazione Barba Varley
(CATA, Centro Antropologia Teatrale in Argentina Teatro Proskenion, Italy Residui Teatro, Spain National Library, Havana, Cuba Associazione Politeama, Como, Italy CETEC, Centro Europeo Teatro e Prigione, Italy Teatro Taller de Colombia, Bogotá)

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Today, contacts between theatres, cultural groups and alternative institutions take place throughout cities, countries, continents, intersecting ideas, events, programs, projects and languages. Meetings and cooperative endeavours take place during tours with performances, exchanges of techniques, workshops, journeys, initiatives and interventions in communities, publication and distribution of books. Networks break the isolation in which many theatre groups operate and these are essential to keep alive the meaning of doing theatre beyond restrictions of any kind. This conversation with the directors of the Fondazione’s Itinerant Centres will expose some useful practices to spark alliances between people, groups and territories and propose projects that can generate resources for resistance and survival.

“It is said that great ideas come to the world with the sweetness of doves. Perhaps then, if we listened, we would hear – in the midst of the din of empires and nations – like a faint sound of wings, the sweet movement of life and hope. Some will say that this hope is carried by the people, others by an individual. I believe that on the contrary it is awakened, reanimated and maintained by millions of loners whose actions and works, every day, deny the boundaries and the crudest apparitions of history, to make the ever-threatened truth that everyone, for his or her sufferings and joys, stands for all”. (Albert Camus, “Discours de Suède”, 1958).


Date: June 27
18:00 - 20:00
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