Webinar: Eurasian Theater Theatrum Mundi

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Webinar: Eurasian Theater Theatrum Mundi

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Webinar: Eurasian Theater Theatrum Mundi with Eugenio Barba – Lesson 9
October 19, 2023, 6:00 p.m. (Rome local time)

Free participation Registration at:https://bit.ly/3PMv2KL

The webinar is in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English and Italian.

The film is dedicated to Cristina Wistari, an Italian dancer who for years in Bali struggled to keep alive the tradition of gambuh which, together with Japanese nô is the oldest form of dance-theatre still in existence. Cristina joined the ISTA village with the Batuan’s Gambuh Pura Desa ensemble which became an integral part of the Theatrum Mundi performances.

Eugenio Barba introduces various extracts of Thetrum Mundi performances which conclude with images from Ur-Hamlet: “With the term Eurasian Theatre I mean the technical and theoretical dimension which enables us to consider as a unity those performances traditionally divided into the two cultural hemispheres called East and West. In reality these are connected not only by exchanges and intersections, but above all by a common professional identity.

The profession is also a country to which we belong, an elective homeland, without geographical borders. But if by this we seek to understand our own identity, the opposite and complementary attitude is also essential: to think of theater itself in a cross-cultural dimension, in the flow of a tradition of traditions. The profession is also a country to which we belong, a chosen homeland, without geographical limits.


Date: October 19
18:00 - 20:00
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