Itinerant Centres of Fondazione Barba Varley

Purpose of an Itinerant Centre

An Itinerant Centre of the Fondazione Barba Varley aims to enhance encounters and exchanges between groups, individuals and territories. It is an instrument of knowledge, comparison, creation of collaborative alliances, building relationships that refer to the visions, interests and fields of action of women and men who, from the Living Theater in the United States to Grotowski’s Teatr Laboratorium in Europe, from La Candelaria in Latin America to the Red Tent of the Karakumi Theatre in Japan, have grafted in a different way the life of the theatre to the reality of life.

Sede intinerante Fondazione Barba Varley Teatro

Itinerant Centre’s Activities

An Itinerant Centre’s programme should include activities that empower the spreading of theatre culture in all its effective modes: creating libraries, organising theoretical seminars and practical workshops, conferences, publishing, purchasing and presenting books, promoting theatre hospitality and festivals as well as other cultural initiatives.

These activities should be carried out without any kind of prejudice (sex, age, religion, politics, race) and without political, religious or legislative conditioning that is in violation of human rights and the rule of law (dignity, freedom, equality).

An Itinerant Centre undertakes actions of knowledge, sharing and and comparison between different cultures: hospitality of groups and individual artists, research, cooperation, partnership projects. Among the beneficiaries of these activities, priority will be given to men, women and groups in conditions of economic disadvantage and discrimination of any kind.

Sede intinerante Fondazione Barba Varley Teatro

Modality to become an Itinerant Centre

An Itinerant Centre is set up at the request of the Fondazione or of any group or artist who wants to be spokesperson for the aims of the Fondazione Barba Varley. The Fondazione will assess the existence of all the requisites envisaged and will submit the request for approval by the Board of Directors of the Fondazione, following the advice of the Scientific Committee. Subsequently, an agreement will be signed with a detailed indication of the programme and with a duration that cannot exceed two years.

Sede intinerante Fondazione Barba Varley Teatro

Financing an Itinerant Centre

An Itinerant Centre may be financed by contributions from the Fondazione, by whoever has requested to be a Centre or by any other public or private bodies. The programme may only include the exchange of activities as well as donations of teaching material and tools without any financial contribution.