ISTA/NG International School of Theatre Anthropology – New Generation.

In 2020 the Fondazione Barba Varley has promoted the birth of ISTA/NG, International School of Theatre Anthropology/New Generation (

Conceived and directed by Eugenio Barba, this training and research project aims to share and transmit theatre knowledge.

It involves a new generation of theatre/dance artists from different cultures and integrates teaching methods with new digital technologies.

ISTA/NG is a new addition to Eugenio Barba’s forty-year studies on theatre anthropology.

Eugenio Barba, who founded Odin Teatret in 1964 and is considered one of the reformers of the 20th century theatre, started an innovative field of studies in 1979 on the common technical principles that underlie the stage presence of actors and dancers in all cultures, defining it as “theatre anthropology”.

ISTA New Generation

The following year he created ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology), an itinerant international laboratory of comparative studies on the principles of the actor/dancer’s technique.

Its team of scholars, experts from various disciplines and theatre/dance artists from various cultures, carries out research activities all over the world.

ISTA/NG is an initiative of the Barba Varley Foundation. It extends the training and research project to a young generation of artists and new technologies, with didactic courses, transmission of incorporated knowledge, encounters and dialogues between groups of different ages and experience.

The first session of ISTA/NG took place in the island of Favignana, Italy, in the period 12-22 October 2021.

ISTA New Generation