Our Itinerant Centres


Madrid Itinerant Centre
at Residui Teatro

Residui Teatro produces and disseminates performances, training activities and socio-cultural projects aimed at an audience of all ages and health conditions.

The Madrid Itinerant Centre will be responsible for carrying out joint programmes aimed at research, promotion and dissemination of Third Theatre.

Sede Avana Barba Varley Fondazione


Havana Itinerant Centre
at the Biblioteca Nacional

at the Biblioteca Nacional Promotion of cultural exchanges in the field of theatre research.

The Fondazione has donated 100 copies of the book The Five Continents of Theatre. Facts and Legends about the Material Culture of the Actor of the Actor by Eugenio Barba and Nicola Savarese,

Sede Avana Barba Varley Fondazione


Lake Como Itinerant Centre
at the Scuola di Teatroterapia

Managed by the Politeama Association, the Teatroterapia School publishes books, produces performances and carries out training and research connected to the theatre’s function in psychophysical well-being.

It promotes theatre excursions and socio-cultural projects aimed at an audience of all ages.

Scuola di Teatroterapia

Itinerant Centre Milan

at CETEC (Centro Europeo Teatro e Carcere)

The European Theatre and Prison Centre carries out projects of social theatre art in Italian and foreign prisons; it promotes urban and human regeneration projects on the periphery of Milan and elsewhere; it deals with the training and inclusion of disadvantaged subjects and their artistic productions in collaboration with public and private institutions.

It manages the Spazio Alda Merini – Casa delle Arti in via Magolfa in Milan, a property offered for free by the Municipality of Milan-Municipio 6. It functions also as a cultural centre and home museum dedicated to the poet Alda Merini. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is a venue for poetry readings, theatre performances, book presentations, concerts, and the work reinstatement of women in a fragile situation for the management of the space, bar and outdoor garden.

sede milano

Itinerant Centre in Colombia

at Teatro Taller

Teatro Taller de Colombia has been successfully carrying out its activity for 47 years in the field of theatre research, with programmes of considerable interest in social fields. The group and its project conduct training activities for professional actors and facilitate access to culture for people living in peripherical neighbourhoods and vulnerable areas of the country.

Teatro Taller de Colombia has started the project “Reaching the vulnerable people of Bogotà through theatre. Theatre for all”. This is an initiative aimed at creating cultural dynamics that mainly benefit people in situations of socio-cultural vulnerability and with reduced access to the use of artistic products.

This action consists in encouraging the participation in playful-didactic moments with performances for children and teenagers who, led by a teacher, subsequently develop pedagogical guides prepared by the TTC team.


Theater Anthropology Center en Argentina

CATA was born from the desire to be spokesperson for the Barba Varley Foundation in Argentina, sharing a vision of theater aimed at promoting the causes and values of a tradition of the impossible.

CATA joins the Foundation’s objectives: to enhance meetings and exchanges between groups, individuals and territories in a context of interaction, creation of alliances and production collaborations.

CATA is a pedagogical space, of gestation and creation, an artistic space and a space for publications.

CATA is a space in alliance with other spaces, dedicated primarily not to the theatrical performance but to the creation of an environment of possibilities where many times the “nameless” can pass from invisibility to visibility and build networks of solidarity that they materialize in artistic and cultural projects.


Theater Proskenion

Theater Proskenion Proskenion was founded in 1989 in Reggio Calabria.

Proskenion has collaborated with ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) since 1995 for the development of the Eurasian Theater University.

In fact, Proskenion has coordinated and carried out the annual sessions of the University, founded and directed by Eugenio Barba from 1996 to 2010.

Proskenion deals with dramaturgy, the art of oral storytelling, masks and improvisation. Has promoted and coordinated several social theater projects.

From 2018 Proskenion started the theatrical residency with four editions of “Il Corpo il Scenico” and the project for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers “Borgo Narrante”.

In 2021, together with Lines Free, Proskenion has organized the session of the ISTA/ng in Favignana directed by Eugenio Barba.

Germany (Berlino/Messingwerk)

Itinerant Centre "Institut für Neue Soziale Plastik"

The Institute for a New Social Sculpture is a collaboration of artists and historians who come from the long traditions of group theatre and feminism.

With our artistic and cultural work we aim to contribute to the growth of human rights and to the fight against antisemitism. We make theatre, write texts, develop games and exhibitions – because, in the end, the human being enjoys communicating and understanding things on different levels. And because we have fun.

At the moment we are developing a new space in Messingwerk, at an hour North of Berlin, in order to provide a space for the voices of Jewish artists, and artists of other marginalized groups.