Emanuele Amoruso

Emanuele Amoruso

After the years of social movements and counterculture, which was the topic for his university thesis, he took a degree in Sociology in Trento, Italy. Then he wandered among the lures of rationality (aim and values), urban sociology, cultural studies and the indefinite universe of “I feel, therefore I am”.

He lives in Brindisi, in the South, “the sunset of a slaughtered beast and the land of remorse”, walking on paths that diverge, searching for cardinal points, giving shape, while staying still and moving, contemplating and daring, with multiple appearances on public and intimate stages.

He edits the Aleph magazine (muy lindo, said Borges), starts the Alfeo Publishing House (among others Travels with Odin Teatret by Eugenio Barba and photos by Tony D’Urso), is engaged in the town’s management of social services, research and social commitment with young people, community knowledge expert. Organiser of the Segal exhibitions, Artetra 1st and 2nd, the multiple MILLENNIUM projects, INTBAU, the Cretini Club, a summer school, conferences, the Manifesto for Culture and for many years the IN-CHIOSTRI Festival. He collaborates with the Festival of Senses.

A columnist and a company administrator experimenting reality workshops, forms and languages, his writings (sometimes with the heteronym of SONNE) include Pietro di Patmos, The Rediscovered Manuscript, Mezzacapo de Scenas, Borges in Palermo, Macedonio Fernandez, Diary with Dario Fo, Essays on Teatro Verdi. 50 years of activity, Xilella fastidiosa and sputacchina.

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